Monday, June 9, 2008


by Dudhia Vashishth, Age: 13
Jaitra A. Trivedi, Age: 12
By Shobhan R. Vinchhi
By Ravina Kumari Age: 13
By Jigar Kahubhedi Paramar Age: 15
By Harsh Soni Age: 12
By Janak Pandya Age: 9
By Deep B. Soni Age: 12
By Keval Darji Age: 12
By Dristhi Paswala Age: 11
By Pooja Mehta Age: 11
By Atman V Mer Age: 13
By Smit Patel Age: 12
By Keyur Patel Age: 12
By Jinal Choksi Age: 12
By Keyur Rana
By Jay Maniayar
By Mansi Soni Age:12
By Parth Shankala Age: 11
Chabutaro (bird feeding structure) is a unique artistic and cultural institution in Ahmedabad. Lots of photographs of chabutaro are found at both internet and in private collections, but rarely there are any sketches drawn by children and how they visualize chabutaro through their eyes.
History Speaks organized an art workshop among the children of the pol (Khadia) at Akha Bhagat Chowk in Desai ni Pol on 8th June 2008. The workshop was attended by 84 children and guests like Shri Asutosh Bhatt, Prof Pradip Khandwalla, Dr. Hemant Bhatt, Ms. Anjali Desai, Mr. Sharad Jhaveri, Mr. Dilip Oza, Mr. Dhiru Gajjar, Ms. Aparna Sridhar, Ms. Kalini Khandwalla and Ms. Vaishali Shah.
The theme of the workshop was the exploration of the neighbourhood. It was quite hartening to see the community participation. In this post we are trying to highlight the way children look at chabutaros.